Memory Care & Dementia Care in Parker

The Path to the Present

For individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease or other types of memory loss, we offer specialized memory care through our Path to the Present® - A Resident-Directed Program. Our unique approach is designed to engage our residents in meaningful daily activities to help them regain their sense of purpose and reconnect with the world around them.  We honor our Residents by supporting their independence and guiding them to do as much for themselves as possible. We provide an enriched, supportive environment through exploration, discovery and creativity with the guidance and encouragement of a trained and caring staff.  

Specialized Programming

At Lincoln Meadows Memory Care, the foundation of our memory care program starts with the individual. It’s based on the belief that people with dementia can continue to participate in daily life, contributing to the community’s activities to the best of their abilities. Each person’s participation is tailored to their current strengths and lifelong interests, so they’re engaged in ways that support their well-being and self-esteem.  

Regular Assessments

Our caregivers know each resident individually—from their history and interests to their values and personality. Our personalized care begins with an initial assessment before the new resident arrives and continues with follow ups every three months, or more often as necessary. This system ensures residents receive exactly the services they need.  

Memory Care Neighborhood

Here your loved one will live in a safe, private or semi-private apartment in our memory care neighborhood.  Each apartment features a cottage-like atmosphere, with its own front porch, colorful mailbox and memory box where the resident can keep personal mementos. 

A consistent and well thought out system of resident way-finding patterns helps to preserve dignity and maximize the independence of our residents.  Spectrum has carefully considered building elements, colors, texture, patterns, artwork, and signage, to help our residents understand where they are, what their destination is, and how to get there and back.